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"When you read stories of great people, it's like being taken into a new circle of friends.  You adopt different expectations for yourself …better expectations."

The Guided Traveler – Andy Andrews


Makes me want to read some good stories of great people …

Here's Andy's link to his recommendations of his top 50 biographies.  

My top pick for today is:  

Viktor Frankl-  
When he was a teenager in Austria, Viktor Frankl began developing 
logotherapy, a revolutionary form of psychotherapy based on the belief 
that humanity’s primary motivational force is the search for meaning. 
Unlike most forms of psychotherapy, logotherapy encourages patients to 
look to the future and live their lives fully, rather than relive the past. 
Then something happened that put Frankl’s philosophies to the test: 
He and his wife and parents were sent to a concentration camp. Frankl 
survived; his family did not.

I  heard of this book from a Donald Miller conference I attended last Spring.  I'll let you know what think of it!