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I recently finished some training in EMDR, a trauma protocol for therapy. I had begun part one in April, and had offered to several people to work with them via this modality.  Very few took me up on it.  This last weekend, I finished the training, and it is now much clearer in my mind, not only how this works, but also THAT it works.  Interestingly enough, I have already had five people ask for my help with this in the last three days.

What is the difference?  Yes, I do believe that people come to the awareness that they are now in a different place and this could be helpful.

But, more importantly, I think something has changed within ME and now I am presenting it differently.  Perhaps with more confidence or persuasiveness … there is more trust between the other people and myself now.

Every place of growth requires readiness.  

You can't hear what you can't hear, even if it is being said. Loudly.  Repeatedly.  It doesn't matter until you are ready.  And then, all-of-a-sudden, it makes sense and there is now forward movement.

I wonder if that is why Jesus had words to say about, "If they have ears, let them hear."  (Matt 11:15, 13:9,  Mark 4:9 [and 4 other places], and John says it in Rev 2:29, 3:22)?

Or, conversely, "Do not cast pearl before swine" – i.e there's no point talking to someone about a topic they don't value.  

It's all about being ready.