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Recently, my husband showed me a video clip of a boat speeding along … and in its wake, several ORCAS were jumping and playing.  Spectacular.  He said it reminded him of the time we were in Hawaii years ago and we went snorkeling – at one point, dolphins were jumping in front of the boat, having  a glorious time.  He remembers me reaching out to touch them and having tears streaming down my face for the sheer beauty of the experience.

I wish this would happen more often – where I was overcome with the amazingness of our planet.  It is so easy to get either jaded or focus on the one annoying thing that is a distraction; e.g. the burgeoning Spring is crisp, verdent, and a warm relief from the dismal gray and cold of January … yet today, what was I focused on?  Our neighbor's barking dog.  I actually went inside because it was so annoying.  But in the back of my mind, I chided myself, saying, "Overlook it; focus your energy on all that IS gong well."

I lost that battle earlier, however, I will try to do it now:

The mountains have been breathtaking, with their snowy tops and their soon-to-be green bottoms.

My dog has the most beautiful brown eyes.

Without any leaves, I can see the shapes of the trees; the blue shining through them is dazzling.

The new grass is like velvet.

I feel like I have heard more birds of late; geese honking, a blackbird's trill, even the littlest of the wrens and chickadees are all happy and chirpy – "It's SPRING – doncha know?"  

No snow to shovel and small bulbs coming up everywhere in the yard … I saw tulips and daffodills and crocus – only the leaves, but promises of color soon enough.

They aren't killer whales, but they're still worth celebrating.  : )