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Be The Change

David Marquis

David Marquis

Welcome to another episode of The LeaveBetter Podcast  where I interview high performers and business owners, gleaning from their wisdom, practical routines, habits, and mindsets.

In episode 26, we are pleased to have David Marquis – an author with an activist heart. 

In this episode, we talk about being the change you want to see and using your voice.  You can do this by finding your “why”, using your voice, and doing what you can, where you can, when you can.  Enjoy!

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Remember: The actions you take (or do not take) today set you up for six months from now. Make sure you do something today that pushes you toward that next level of you.


The transcript of this episode.

[00:00:44] The River Always Wins
[00:02:32] Introducing David
[00:05:34] Your Why
[00:09:06] What is an Activist?
[00:10:51] Action is Key
[00:12:38] Do What You Can
[00:21:44] Water Issues
[00:24:08] Crisis Brings Change
[00:32:04] Where to Find David

Where to find David:

Music by Tom Sherlock  

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Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts, or wherever podcasts are found.

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