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Recently I went to a screening of two short films created by someone I knew twenty years ago and hadn't seen since then.  

It was so intriguing to watch something that someone had created … to see his name come up in the credits.  It was interesting to hear from him personally how each of the stories had come about. 

I asked him how he had come to find himself making short films.  He is a portrait painter by trade, not a videographer.

He said, "I always wanted to make a film. One day that sentence came out of my mouth when I was with a friend; she immediately got on her phone, called someone she knew, who then told me to be in his office in two hours.  It was crazy, but I went.  The next thing I knew, I was working on this film and teaching myself how to use editing programs on my computer."

This is my kind of guy.  

Desire + Opportunity + Action / Risk = Art.