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We went to a horse-pull the other day; afterward, I spoke with the owner of one of the teams.  She told me about how one of the pair just loved to pull – lived to pull – and the other could take it or leave it.  She said, "I guess we're going horse shopping this summer.  We've done this three years in a row and she just doesn't have the heart for it.  But what a nice horse.  I'll see if I can train her to drive."

It was such a pleasant surprise, as I had thought she was going to say, "She's gone.  We're going to sell her."  Feeding a giant draft horse is expensive and quite a commitment.  I was impressed that they liked her enough to not only keep her, but find something that brought out her best as well.

It brought to mind how enjoyable it is to experience others in their gifting. And, how wonderful it is to engage in something within the intersection of desire and skill.  It's a sweet spot. (pun intended).