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I have a rather unique situation where it came to my attention today that someone could possibly want to do me or my family harm.

Now, I am not a worrier by nature, but (while I was cutting back some overgrown plants in my front yard), I began to think it might be wise to have some sort of emergency plan of action in place, in case some angry person felt the need to confront me or my family members.  While thinking of this, I came up with all sorts of scenarios (mostly from what I've seen on TV) – and really, who knows if any of them were the "right thing" to do or not.

A moment ago, I thought – you know, I really should just talk with the local law enforcement and ask them what they think is appropriate.  Because they have experience with these kinds of hot situations, they are better equipped to advise when to talk and when to act and how to act.  Immediately, I felt better, because this is the right course of action.  

Your gut knows when it is time to wait, when it is time to act.  However, we aren't very good at hearing that deep, centered space.  I believe God speaks to that little voice within each of us … we  need to get better at hearing.