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We like to foster a litter of puppies each summer – generally pups don't do well in shelters; they catch things like kennel cough and often they don't gain weight.  It's just too stressful for them.  Because of this, the Humane Society tries to outsource their puppies.  For us, it's a great way to enjoy the birth-to-young-dog-experience without adding to the surplus canine population.  And who doesn't like sweet, cuddly puppies?  Last year we had a litter of ten – TOO MANY!  This time, it is only three.  Jessica named them Spike, Wordy, and Ed.


                                                           Wordy                        Spike                            Ed

Look at these guys – they appear compliant and sweet.  Don't believe their cute mugs for a second.  One day at our house and they are biting everything and everyone.  They were barkless, until I brought our dog out and then they became little shrill yappers.  I'm telling you, they look all innocent.  Give them three minutes unsupervised, and I can guarentee some serious mischief. I feel sorry for their prospective owners, because these little hooligans are trouble in the making.

I usually am suckered into really wanting at least one of the puppies we foster.  But having done this several times now, I am wiser than I used to be.  Spending time with these guys, makes me think of all the people I know who became romantically involved with someone else after knowing them for a  very short time, based on first impressions.  And now they are sorry.  Because who they thought the other person was is not actually who the other person IS.  You need multiple exposures in different settings to see the whole of a person.  

This is why it is wise to wait before committing; to a romantic relationship, a volunteer position, a friendship, a pet.  

Know what you're getting into first, THEN commit with all you have. So much better than vice versa.  Because when you commit with all you have and then later you find out what you've gotten into … usually you are pretty unhappy and feel trapped and want out. Just sayin.