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The past week, I have been thinking a great deal about the organization and content of this Blog.  Years ago in my earlier cancer updates, the structure was easy: write every day.  As was the subject matter: write a current Miriam health status, and then let the words take me down whatever path they chose.  Because I was so ill, I spent many hours resting in bed; consequently, my mind had so much room to roam around in and I never struggled for lack of topics.  I wondered if it would be more difficult this time around – would I have enough to say?  Would I have too many thoughts?

One of the things I like about Throw-back Thursdays on Facebook and Instagram is that the category alone helps you to narrow down what you might post. 

 I realize that in the few posts since I created this, I have so many divergent thoughts . . . I feel like if I follow the topics to their ends, each one could lead my writing toward a particular thing exclusively – something I want to avoid.  Until I really develop my voice and understand what this is to be about, I want to keep all options open and keep very flexible topically.

So, what I decided to do, at least for a while, is to assign each day of the week a category.  I would like one to be a review of the latest book I am reading.  One, an essay on emotional health.  Another on some aspect of spirituality.  One, on curiosity.  One on Art.  I’ll evaluate after a month and will adjust as need be.

A physics rule I find interesting is that when you decrease the diameter of a pipe or hose, it increases the velocity of the flow, a la Bernoulli's principle. I am thinking that my configuration will reduce the diameter of possibilities, and I am hypothesizing that it will increase my creative energy. And, can I just say that I have waited my whole life to use Bernoulli in a sentence relevant to myself!  : )

I believe this is the same for everyone.  If you are stuck in your creative process, give yourself some limitations and see what happens.  I bet by narrowing your field of choices, you will have a greater number of developed ideas come to you, and you will gain excitement and momentum for the project.  Happy creating!