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I googled “What is the most efficient amount of time to work before taking a break?”

I love google.

When I was a kid I used to ask my mom all sorts of obscure inquiries and she would say, “I  don’t know …” and I would respond with, “they should have something where you can ask these kinds of questions and get good answers.”  (Who was the “they” I was referring to?  One really wonders.)

And now there is Google.

Anyway, my wonderful “they” today answered the question: 52 minutes is the optimal time to work.  Then you’re supposed to take a 17 minute break that involves something totally different and then come back.

I tried it today.

I have to say, I had great focus and amazing stick-to-it-iveness.

Give it a try  – even if you don’t use these exact numbers, the rule holds true; your brain will do much better with a bit of a mental shower. You’ll come away from your break with renewed energy and a bit of a refreshed perspective.  : )

I believe Apple Watch has taken this information to heart with their “you need to stand” notification that comes up every hour.  I have found that you actually need to do more than just stand.  If I move around a bit, I feel more awake.

I don’t actually do the 52 / 17 rule here, but I try more of a 50/10. 

Clearly, there is this balance between “what the research says” and then what your own body needs. Good entrepreneurship and life iteration requires both. The data and then the tweak to your needs / specifications.