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4 Ways to Avoid Avoiding

4 Ways to Avoid Avoiding

Why do we avoid doing what we know we ought to do? Especially when it creates so much more stress for ourselves in the long run.

I believe it comes down to short term gains.

It is easier right NOW to do nothing. And so I (we) put off what should be done today for the momentary relief of procrastination. While the adult part of us knows that this problem is not going to go away and, in fact, will only become worse, still, the inner child begs for more time. Sometimes the child wins.

Here are some ideas that sometimes help me:

Enlist help.  It is not always possible to delegate the things that you are procrastinating, but sometimes it IS an option.

Tell someone that you will do it and let them hold you accountable. I am part of a Facebook group for writers. We tell each other what we intend to do at the beginning of the week. Sometimes, just the fact that I have told someone I will do something helps me actually do it.

Get more information. Sometimes there are other ways to go about your problem. I am terrifies of the dentist, despite the fact that he’s nice.  I’ve been putting off an appointment for a YEAR now.  A compromise that I arrived at to help me more forward:  I intend on scheduling an appointment to have my teeth cleaned, but NOT worked on, no matter what is wrong with them. And, I’m going to ask about alternate forms of anesthesia.

Give yourself a reward for completing the difficult task. I had the large task of setting up a new website. It was daunting because I’m not all that technologically savvy (or at least I was less so before I actually did it)! I promised myself a new pair of earrings that I had been looking at once the site was up and running.

What things have helped you when you are tempted to avoid things? Add to this list. We can all use each other’s wisdom!